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Friday, November 14, 2014

Summary quotes of Luis Suarez's book crossing the line : My story

Summary of Luis Suarez's book - " Crossing the line: My story"

The most controversial and profilic former striker of Liverpool in the English Premier League(EPL) came up with his book - "Crossing the line - My story" compiling his experience of his stay at the mersyside club Liverpool. He has discussed the most controversial incidents that took place during his spell in the club.

Luis Suarez who won the golden boot award along with Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo had scored 31 goals and setup 14 for his team mates had a successful season for LFC.  But the Reds were denied the trophy despite the excellent performance of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, who followed Luis suarez in the goal tally. After being a success with the Reds he drew attention of lot of clubs but Suarez had commited himself to Liverpool

During the game of Uruguay who were facing Italy in the World Cup , Suarez bite Georgio Chellini and received a ban and suspension from Football regulating body- FIFA for four months unable to participate in any football activities though the suspension was loosened later.

Later Barcelona made a Pound 75 million bid for the striker and thus became able to grab the services of uruguay striker who had shone in the earlier season.This transfer broke many hearts but he made a sincere clearification about his move and the need to do so. 
Luis Suarez's book- Crossing the Line: My story

Some quotes from Luis Suarez's book "Crossing the line : My story"

v  "If I hadn't been a striker, I would have been a goalkeeper"
v  "The weather in Liverpool was a little cold and grey, but the warmth from the people more than made up for it"
Ø  "People like Jamie Carragher, are the club" we were teammates rather than friends. I admired him. Every time he spoke, I listened" ?
·         "I think Liverpool have a new Carragher, and that's Jon Flanagan"
·         Suarez gives Agger's son a DVD of him playing "here u can learn from this". Agger says "he wanst to be a footballer, not an olympic diver"
·         "I love it when other Managers go at me for my dives and then one of their own players do it...and then? Silence"
·         "You think I dive? I'll show you a dive-close up" On David Moyes (Luis scores and dives in front of him)
·         "I think the striker has to be the first player to try to motivate the rest of the team. Enthusiasm and attitude are contagious”
·         “I found out Kenny had been sacked while in Uruguay and it really hurt.
·         “I sent him a text message to say thank you for giving me the chance… Thank you for everything”
·         “Today u r going to show that u r one of the best players in the world” Gerrard told Suarez before Manchester United game.
·         "Philippe was incredible. He changed us completely & gave us faith in having the ball" On Phillipe Coutinho.
·         "Daniel Sturridge was about to become the best partner I'd had in my career"
·         "Before a game, I can easily drink four of five litters of water"
·         "when even the Prime Minister is passing comment on your behavior, it's probably time to think about leaving the country"
·         "I felt like I was stuck in the middle, while people all around me took aim. I felt suffocated. I wanted to leave" 2012/13 season.
·         "If I would have moved to Arsenal I would have regretted it. The regret would have eaten me away when I saw LFC supporters"
·         "I'm certain now that it would have been wrong to go (move) to one of Liverpool rivals"
·         "I'd been confused, hurt, under pressure, a little desperate, unsure of where to turn, with contradictory thoughts"
·         "I was glad the relationship with the fans survived. I wanted to make it up to them"
·         "if he wants to, Raheem Sterling can be the best in the world one-on-one"
·         "Brendan Rodgers had contacted our mothers & requested if they could write something about their sons"
·         Rodgers would read the letter from our mothers, but would never tell us who's letter he was reading"
·         "Kompany is probably the hardest defender I have faced in the Premier League"
·         "From where I was on the pitch, I saw it unfold clearly, I could only pray that Simon would stop him, somehow but he couldn't"
·         If I had been in Stevie's shoes, I don't know if I would have been able to carry on playing. Emotionally, it must have been very, very hard.."
·         "Stevie is a quite Captain. If I ever saw him shouting, then I knew he was furious. He doesn't raise his voice for the sake of it"
·         "I love the way he is. He talks to you and you better listen. He keeps a cool head. I respect that"
·         "A huge part of what we were achieving was down to him. He deserved to win & it was taken from him. It's cruel. Very hard to take"
·         "It was an ugly game, hard to play. No player enjoys playing like that, when the other team sits so deep" On Chelsea.
·         "Kolo guided me out of the pitch, I could not control the tears, he sat with me in the dressing room and bus"
·         "we had been so close, only to lose it in the most painful way. I felt lost. Powerless and lost" On Palace match.
·         "there is a signed SG8 shirt that proudly hangs back home(URU) Dedicated 'the best I've played with' to me that's incredible"
·         "Lucas Leiva, he is a genuine friend of mine"
·         "No one gave me better guidance than Stevie..."
·         "I didn't blame Stevie for not wanting to go with me to the PFA awards. After our defeat, I did not want to go either .
·         "Raheem & Daniel were supposed to come too, but they didn't come either. I went, out for the respect of players who had voted for me"
·         "I've voted for Yaya Toure in my category and Luke Shaw for Young player of the year."
·         I will miss the, "Luis Suarez - I just can't get enough" song & the "You'll Never Walk Alone anthem"
·         "Liverpool fans made sure I never felt/walked alone. I only wish I could have left them with the league title they deserved"
·         "The work that Walter did on my knee was incredible. A miracle. and as if I wasn't motivated enough.
·         Roy Hodgson said something 'he is not works class'. "Roy Hodgson comments did sting and made me more determined for the World Cup.
·         "This was weird, they (ENG players) were giving me so much space"
·         "I couldn't run, I had cramps up both calves, I was dead then the ball came off Stevie's head"
·         "I couldn't run but I was running,  I whacked the ball. I didn't think. I can't believe it went in"?? on his 2nd goal to England.
·         "Why are you so happy that Liverpool are losing mommy?" *Delfina watching England vs Uruguay in World Cup was telling her mom.
·         "I felt for Stevie. It was cruel that it had to happen to him all, but for it to happen twice was even worse"

Luis Suarez's Defining & memorable moment in Liverpool FC

How was the post guys, Please provide with your feedbacks in the comment box below. Any comments are welcome. YNWA Guys.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Liverpool's champions League Performance along with know how to get chance to win LFC signed Shirt??

A moment wiht Nepali Cricket team captain Parash Khadka who is a Liverpool Fc Supporter. He is one of the influential Liverpool Fans of Nepal. check it out

Q.When and how did you start following the Premier League and Liverpool?

Paras Khadka : “From a very young age, probably when I was 7 or 8. My uncle, he used to live in the UK and when he was back, everyone at home used to watch sports: football, cricket, basketball. We all knew about Liverpool, Manchester United and since uncle used to live in London, Arsenal and Chelsea of course. The very first time I watched the Premier League, my eyes fell upon Liverpool and instantly I picked them as my team. My younger brother, however, is a Manchester United supporter!”

Q. Did you have any childhood heroes? If yes, who?

Paras Khadka : “Well I never exactly had a childhood hero but if I had to pick a sporting one, it’d be Steven Gerrard. I remember when I was taking my IELTS test, there was this question asking “Who is your hero?”
I said I don’t have any heroes as such but I really like Steven Gerrard. I admire the way he carries himself on the field and I wish I could do the same as well in my normal life. He’s a very inspirational guy on the field and off the field too he’s a well disciplined and mannered. All in all, he’s one of the best athletes

Q. What is your favorite Liverpool FC moment?

Paras Khadka: “The 3-3 draw vs. West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup finals and then going on to win the cup in penalties. That was the most memorable game. That match with the 2005 Champion’s League Final against AC Milan of course! When we were 3-0 down at half time, probably half the people must have gone to sleep! Winning those two finals in the fashion we did make them very memorable.”

Liverpool Fc’s performance in the Champions League:

Liverpool FC made a spectacular performance in the champions league in the group stage game of the group B. Liverpool travelled to the Santiago Bernebeau Stadium the home of the defending champions of the Champions League. Liverpool adopted the rotation method benching most of their regular line up players like Captain Steven Gerrard, vice-captain Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, Glen Johnson, Phillipe Coutinho, Mario Baloteli. Liverpool  suffered a 1 – 0 loss to Real Madrid. Brendan Rodgers gamble played well as the result was a shock to most of  the people.

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Best of luck.

A kop from Nepal

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Liverpool's performance in Captial one cup, EPL and champions league

Liverpool Match updates

Capital One cup:

Mario Balloteli has contributed a very important goal to Liverpool Football Club. The Italian striker made a late entry in the ground in 86th minute and converted a cross from Fabio borini into goal. Similarly, Dejan Lovren earned all the credits of the win at he converted the free kick into goal in the stoppage time. Liverpool FC finally seems to have found the combination for their lack of goals problem as Borini seemed so effective in the ground  and showed his spirit to fight back for first team lineup. The late win from the Reds have secured themselves in the quarterfinals of Capital One cup.
Liverpool's Mario Balloteli scores against swansea in captial one cup

English Premier League(EPL):

Liverpool were forced to settle in a goalless draw against Hull City in the Barclays Premier League last Saturday, Mario Ballotelli failed to capitalize on several occasions to convert the opportunities into goal. The Reds defense for which they have been criticized a lot seemed to show effective improvements and the collaboration between the goal keeper and the defense seemed to have improved a lot. Despite of several misses and efforts from the Reds, Liverpool were forced to settle in a goalless draw at Anfield. Liverpool will meet Newcastle united at their home ground in next English Premier League(EPL) fixture on November 1 at St. James Park.

Champions League:

Liverpool Fc welcomed Real Madrid at Anfield for the group stage match of Champions League of Group B. Liverpool were beaten by 3 goals. The three goals conceded on the first half resulted till the end of the game as The Reds showed some fight back at the second stage. The earlier goals were conceded due to the vulnerable defense of the Reds. Real Madrid  created history against Liverpool as Real Madrid had not been able to beat Liverpool in Champions League beore. And similarly Christiano Ronaldo also added a achievement in his portfolio scoring for the first time at Anfield.
Liverpool Fans applauded the scorer who is in process of beating Spain’s Raul Gonazalez in topping the Champions Leauge highest scorer tally. The Reds will travel to spain in their next fixture to face Real Madrid at Santiago Bernebeau on November 5th .

LFC Family:

Liverpool Legend , KennyDalglish presented the Golden shoe award to Luis Suarez who was the top league goal scorer in Europe Last season. The Former Liverpool striker has achieved so achievement in 33 games for Liverpool, where he had scored 31 goals and made a valuable contribution of 12 assists in his name.

How was the post guys, What must liverpool do to improve its performance and score more goals ??
please mention your suggestions in the comment box below.

A kop from Nepal

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese a Happy Vijaya Dashami on their official facebook page

Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese a Happy vijaya Dashami on their Official facebook page

Liverpool FC wishes Nepalese supporters on Bijaya Dashami on their facebook page
We all are bound to a religion some exceptions aside, our work, principles, inspirations, service are based on our religion. Festivals are part of the religion which has great cultural, religious values which bounds our family, relatives together.

               Different religions celebrate different festivals based on the promotion of traditionally practiced ways of celebrations along with  regular modifications in regard to the demand and place and what the situation demands. Christians celebrate celebrate Christmas as their main festival, Muslims celebrate Eid and for Hindus – their main festival is Dashain(Dashera) and Deepawali.

Liverpool Fc surprised Nepalese Liverpool supporters wishing them a prosperous and Happy Dashami 2071 the date format which the Nepalese Government follows. The wish was published on Liverpool FC’s official Facebookpage with customization viewable for only Nepalese facebook users. The message from Liverpool FC  read “ On behalf of Liverpool Football Club, We would like to wish our Hindu Supporters on the auspicious occasion of Bijaya Dashami 2071 a Happy and Prosperous Bijay Dashami. YNWA” which in Nepali is
" लिभरपूल फुटबल क्लबका तर्फ बाट हाम्रा समस्त हिन्दु समर्थकका समक्षमा विजया दशमी २०७१ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ! युल् नेभर वाक अलोन !

On the photo shopped picture which is a complete picture to represent the Dashain Festival shows a Liver bird with LFC written beneath it. On the background there is a football ground where football is being played and there are some childrens flying kites which is one of the most inseperable  part of Dashain where children as well as Adults enjoy flying kite. Even on the kite the words YNWA are inscribed to justify the phrase You will Never Walk Alone (YNWA). There is a ping(A typical nepali word for swing) where people entertain themselves forgetting their troubles, worries, problems and there is a religious belief that one most leave the ground once in a year. The most importance of this festival is the worshipping of Goddess Durga which you can see in the picture as well whose eyes are watching you and whoever in need. Dashain marks the custom of celebration of Victory of Evil over good job.

Liverpool FC wished us – the Nepalese Liverpool Supporters, Its not the main thing. What matters is how they value their supporters? We Nepalese LFC supporters might be a minority compared to those other Nations but what I found touching watch the attitude of the Club. If Liverpool FC had wished Nepalese supporters along with Hindu supporters in English Language and if no customization was made on Privacy and let it published world wide it would have been a great exposure to us.

Thanks again to Liverpool FC for not letting us walk alone , and Remember through what phase we are going right now we will also never let you walk alone. J

What are your thoughts on LFC wishing on our main occasion(festival) , Please leave your comments below. Thank you.


A kop from Nepal

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The mersyside derby and liverpool's performance

Mersy side derby:
Liverpool Vs Everton

 One of the interesting and thrilling match to watch in Barclays Premier League is the Mersyside derby. The mersyside clubs Liverpool Fc and Everton Fc compete with each other. Their rivalry dates long back as Liverpool FC separated themselves from Everton Fc and created its own history. It was the 223rd derby between these two clubs held at Anfield.
The derby started well with Captain Steven Gerrard providing lead to the Reds at the 65th minute later Everton equalized at the last moment in the extra time from Phil Jagielka’s fascinating volley. Steven Gerrard provided the lead from the beautiful  free kick and maintained the lead for almost at the end of the game but Reds were unfortunate enough to concede a goal and loose the deserved 3 points at the end of the game and share points with The Toffes.

Steven Gerrard:

Steven Gerrard was criticized a lot for his game against West Ham united, His performance against the Hammers were poor and most of the critics were questioning his game and his age, and the contribution he could make to Liverpool Fc. They put their views that, it was time for the skipper to step down from the full game and too much playing time would increase in fatigueness hampering his performance. In the 65th minute Liverpool got free kick and Steven Gerrard converted it beautifully to a goal skipping the ball over the Everton’s wall. Thus providing the most needed goal for the Reds  he was able to silence most of his criticizers and proved that he still has the qualities in him as a first choice for Brendan Rodgers.

Adam Lallana:

                The other player who was full of praise for his performance was Lallana who demonstrated an extra ordinary performance and receive cheers from the Reds supporters. He was quick with his feet and creative in passes, chasing the balls and often making Everton defenders return the ball to Howard. He is a precious talent for the Reds who missed most of the pre-season with an injury and is determined to shine for the Reds in Anfield and hungry for success.

The duo full backs rom spain, Alberto Moreno and Javi Manquillo are setting themselves to Rodgers playing style and Alberto Moreno made runs and provide crosses to Balloteli. Similarly, the centre full backs Martin Skrtel and Dejan Lovren also made a effective contribution in the game and the Vulnerable defence that Liverpool had earlier seemed to be improvised a lot.

What Liverpool is missing at this moment is a quality finisher, Mario Balloteli got some opportunities to lead the score but he could not connect himself with the ball once and the other ball he hit the bar. Daniel Sturridge is missed badly and nobody has been able to feel the void.

Every game ends up with some lessons to learn and improve the weak areas. Liverpool Fc might not have been able to gain a deserving points but we should have patience and continue never letting the passion degrade.

 some lessons to learn and improve the weak areas. Liverpool Fc might not have been able to gain a deserving points but we should have patience and continue never letting the passion degrade.

A Kop from Nepal

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nepal's promising talent Bimal Gharti Magar on FIFA's cover story

Nepal's Promising Talent- Bimal Gharti Magar on FIFA's cover story

The game was almost coming to an end, few minutes was remaining at the SAF(South Asian Football) Championship Tournament. Nepal was trailing behind with a goal against Pakistan. Then , this lad Bimal Gharti Magar entered to the ground as a substitute. The no. 25 scored at the last minutes and kept the competition alive. The Nepalese supporters who had lost their hope on their team was revived again and chanting his name “Bimal”.
Bimal Gharti Magar cover story on FIFA's site

Before some minutes ago the name was unknown to anyone. Now, the cheers were filled with his name and Nepal reached semi-final of the SAF championship. After this performance, he came up with many records through which he bagged the “youth Player Of the Award”. His name and fame was rising gradually, which led him to get contracted with the European Club Anderlecht’s youth team. He has performed well in Anderlecht’s young team scoring and making special contributions for the team.

Recently, FIFA’s official site, ( published a  cover story on Bimal Gharti Magar naming him as the rising star appreciating his playing style and performances. With his last minute goal equalizing for the Nepalese Team against Pakistan helped Nepal secure spot in the semi final leading that group. FIFA stated that in its story that “Bimal could not believe that he had scored for his country in such a crucial and thrilling match. In its story FIFA rates Bimal as a frontline and rising star. In recent U-16 championship other foreign coach also expressed his amusement in the youth’s talent.

FIFA rates Bimal Gharti Magar as South Asian’s most promising rising star. Some weeks back when Nepal played the U-16 championship in Bangkok and outclassed Kuwait 2- 1. The team coach appreciated his technical game and the overall superiority of NepaleseTeam’s game to theirs. Nepal held the usual winners Uzbekistan 1-1 and lost to the North Koreans thus being unable to make the qualifiers.

Bimal Gharti Magar caught the eyes of FIFA in this tournament. FIFA asked its regional governing body of football AFC(Asian Football Council) to prepare a news on this talent and sent some questionnaire, based on which the  cover story was prepared.

This cover story of Bimal is surely going to make some attractions to Nepalese football in International Arena and Nepalese football supporters can feel the pride to see their Icon making some headline in the Football governing body’s official site. Which I think is the pride of the whole south Asia.

Best wishes to the ever rising and promising talent, who is under contract to Anderlecht- the Belgium club unleashing his potential and flourishing in International football gaining valuable exposure to football and exposing his talents.

How was the post friends?? Please post your comments in the comment box below. YNWA Bimal

Kop from Nepal

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One night in Istanbul .........

One Night in Istanbul:

                That was the day where Liverpool FC really proved its footballing ability in Europe. The day was the Final of the Champions League of 2005, where Liverpool and ACMilan were to compete against each other for the title. A film has been made to mark the importance of that night, what was such special thing that happened in that night?? If you are a football fan you might be aware of it. If you are not a football fan than you have no idea at all and if you are a kop, well that was the day the reason to be part of the one of the successful club of Europe.

                It is Liverpool’s greatest night ever in history so It has been pictured ahead of the beginning of Champions League. As the Reds are preparing for the ChampionsLeague, the history will be inspiration and motivation for the players and It is a long waited occasion to mark the Reds comeback to European Prestigious competition.

The movie “One night in Istanbul”will be screening on cinemas from11th September 2014. This is a film neither of the Liverpool supporters would want to miss. Follow the updates of the movie on its Official facebook page “One night in Istanbul”.
One Night In Istanbul : Movie

What happened at that day in Istanbul?

The Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul was packed in this night. The finalist for the Champions League Liverpool FC from England and AC Milan from Itlay were staged on for the Title. The day is still marked in history where the memorable event took place May 25th 2005.  AC Milan were regarded as the favorites to win and as predicted scored 3 goals in the first half of the match. The AC Milan captain Paolo Madini scored a goal within the first minutes and striker Hernan Crespo scored two more goals within the first half taking the tally to 3 – 0.

                Liverpool Fc made a comeback in the second half leveling the score to 3-3 with the goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso and the score continued to remain the same through out the extra time as well. So, the decision was to be taken on penalty shootout. Liverpool won the match 3-2, when Andry Shevchenko’s penalty was saved by Liverpool Goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek.

                This night is fondly remembered among Liverpool Fans and this night is popularly known as the “Miracle Of Istanbul”. Our very on Captain Fantastic “Steven Gerrard” was man of the match.

This is the match I never get tired of watching the highlights. Waiting for the movie desperately and add one more precious movie to your Movies collection, which has many emotional and motivational value in it.

So, that “one night in Istanbul” has taught the Liverpool Fans to have faith in Its club and Keep supporting and backup the team for whatever the results it comes through.

What’s your favorite moment in that night in Istanbul Kops? Please do mention in the comment box below.
A kopite from Nepal

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Liverpool FC's win at White Heart Lane , how much will LFC miss Daniel Agger ??

Alberto Moreno Celebrates after scoring against Tottenham

Liverpool Match Updates:

Liverpool FC travelled to White Heart Lane to face Tottenham in their 3rd match in the Barclays English Premier League. The Reds beat Tottenham 3 – 0 where, Raheem Sterling, steven Gerrard and Alberto Moreno contributed each goals in team’s win. The goal of Raheem Sterling was assisted by Jordan Henderson who made a low cross to Sterling receiving a pass from Sturridge. Second goal was scored in a penalty where Joe Allen was fouled inside the box by Dier where captain Steven Gerrard successfully converted into the goal. The last goal was a solo appreciable effort of Alberto Moreno who made a classy finish playing the goal alone to the post, which was the goal of the game.
Mario Balloteli missed a lot of opportunited to forward the Reds scoreboard, If he had capitalized all those opportunities he would have scored a hattrick in the game. Tottenham spurs also made some dangerous attacks in the game but could not get the nets. The Reds were able to clinch the clean sheets in the game and recover from the loss fom Manchester City at Etihad Stadium.

Liverpool Transfer Updates:

Since the transfer window is almost at the stage of closure, All clubs have made a buzz and rumors in the Transfer market. Liverpool Fans were sad to see on of their heroes leave Anfield.

Daniel Agger:

Liverpool FC confirmed that Daniel Agger had made a return to his boyhood club Brondby. He made 232 appearances for Liverpool who had signed for £6 million from the Danish club, Brondby. He was one of the player who committed his long term future towards the club. He played a key role to lead Liverpool Fc to lead for the Champions League final in 2007 and to win the league cup in 2012. Agger made only 16 appearances for Liverpool in last season. He was struggling with injuries to gain fitness and with arrival of Dejan Lovren in the club his position as Central back was in danger. During his pre-season tour to USA , he asked Brendan Rodgers to let him move to his boyhood club in tears.
During his peak time at Liverpool a lot of top clubs had shown interest in him among them Barcelona and Manchester City had made bids for him which was fascinating but with his love for the club he declined those offers to stay in Liverpool. During the pre- season tour , Liverpool played match against Brondby where a lot of supporters were chanting fondly of him and the desire of the chairman of the club to sign agger helped in the desire of the player to make a successful home return.

Red by heart:

One of the former Liverpool player who is fondly remembered in Liverpool is Xabi Alonso who was one of the key palyer in the triumph of 2005 Champions League. He made a transfer to Bayern Munchen from +RealMadrid. The former red disclosed that he rejected the offers of Manchester United, Chelsea to keep his legacy in Liverpool forever.

Liverpool Statistics:

Brendan Rodgers have won 56 of his 100 matches in White Heart Lane, before Bill Shankly had been able to make so record.

How did you find the post friends ?? How much will you miss Daniel Agger , well he is my idol kop, will miss him badly. YNWA Agger best of luck for your future.
A True kop from Nepal :) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Liverpool FC lost at Etihad stadium to Manchester city , Mario Balotelli wonderful signing

Liverpool FC made a welcoming debut at anfield against Southampton FC in the opening match of the Barclays Premier League winning the match 2 – 1 where Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling helped the Reds to secure 3 points in the game with injured Markovic, Can, Lallana out of the team.

Liverpool FC Match updates:

                After the fantastic opening against the saints at Anfield, Liverpool FC were to face Manchester city at their home “ Etihad Stadium “ for their second match. Liverpool Fc travelled to Etihad Stadium with securing the services of former Manchester City player Mario Balotelli some hours earlier who had travelled with the team to watch the games with his team.

                The outcome of the game at the Etihad Stadium didn’t come to the Reds favor as the defensive line up of Reds proved to be curse once more. The new signings Alberto Moreno, Lazar Markovic, Emre Can made their EPL debuts. The lack of co-ordinations in the back resulted in conceding goals as it seemed that the inexperience of the defensive players with each other secured the goals for Manchester City Players. Liverpool FC lost the match 3 -1 , two strikes from Jovetic and one from substitute player Aguero. Paulo Zabaleta conceded own goal for the Reds. Once more the finishing lacked in Reds line up, though entertaining the possession for most of the game the crucial finishing needed for the game lacked highlighting the importance of Luis Suarez.

Liverpool FC Transfer Updates:

                The much waited transfer LFC and the Fans waiting ended with the official announcement of Mario Balotelli from AC Milan some hours before the game between Liverpool FC and Manchester City. The former Manchester City player had completed his move from city to City to AC Milan.

                The Reds got the Italian International striker for the fee of £16 Million, which is considered efficient transfer by the Reds with some risk regarding the Strikers activities and character. The former Inter Milan player joined the LFC for half the amount of wages than that he had been getting in AC Milan.He has convinced the fans and the club that he is not the same player as before and could not hide his delighted emotions to be part of the great EPL club and be part of a big and caring family.


Mario Balotelli

                A lot of debates have taken place regarding the new 9th signing – Mario Balotelli who has his most of the career filled with controversies. But what all accepts about him is his quality, the experience he has gained. He is a qualitative player who has experience of the English Premier League, Serie A, Champions League and International football representing his country providing efficient contribution in those games and scoring in them.

He may be a gamble for the Reds but a gamble worth, I would say.

How was the post guys, Please comment below and let me know. Thank you Kops

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Liverpool Fc beat Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool fc fan updates from nepal

Liverpool Beat Borussia Dortmund 4- 0

In latest Liverpool Fc updates, Reds have beaten Borussia Dortmund 4- 0 in the pre-season friendly, which was held at Anfield on Sunday. The reds have made a positive end to the pre-season friendlies with a disappointing loss to Manchester United at Miami in the International champions Cup final.The 3 -1 loss to the rivals had raised questions to the latest additions in the squad.

The competition for the Premier league title is going to be very tough with every team comprising of competent squad. With entrance of the Reds in the Europe’s prestigious competition- the champions league, Brendan Rodgers have a challenge to reduce the fatigueness of the players providing equal amount of playing time to all players. He should avoid injuries to the players in the squad as they are the key factors in his 2014 -15 campaign. Though he has set eyes in signing more players until the transfer window closes at the end of august.

Liverpool FC match update:

In Liverpool Fc’s 4-0 impressive win over Borussia Dortmund, Phillipe Coutinho paid a key role in the SouthamptonDejan Lovren also made a memorable debut in his LFC’s shirt scoring a goal. Daniel Sturridge and Jordan Henderson were the other players contributing to make a impressive win on the visitors. Brendan Rodgers was satisfied with overall performance of the lads and was delighted to see the form of Coutinho and the performance of Dejan Lovren. Some disappointments were also received while playing with Manchester United to loose the cup with a 3 -1 loss though taking the lead with penalty goal from the skipper. The Reds will start the 2014-15 campaign of Barclay’s premier league with the game with the saints- Southampton at anfield on August 17.

Liverpool Transfer update:

Javier Manquillo on Loan to Liverpool 
Liverpool have successfully completed the transfer of Javier Manquillo from Atletico Madrid on Loan this week and Liverpool also have reported to be in talks with Sevilla for the transfer of Alberto Moreno who is a long rumored  target of the reds. Similarly, suso  may leave Liverpool Fc which will be the part of deal if the deal comes to an end. The long talked and rumored transfer of the Colombian striker Radamel Falcao cools with the striker believed to make a transfer to Real Madrid. In latest Liverpool transfer updates the name Samuel Eto has surfaced in media who has completed his one year contract with Chelsea Football Club and eyeing a move away from Stamford Bridge. The reds are seem to have shown an interest in the 33 year old striker but his high wages might cause the Reds to step back. Fabio Borini is also reportedly to leave as Sunderland has forwarded a £14m bid but the striker is keen in staying with the Reds fighting for his place.

Liverpool Fc fan updates from Nepal:

Paras Khadka @ Anfield
The skipper of Nepali Cricket Team - Paras Khadka was pictured taking photographs at Anfield. The Nepali cricket Team Captain is on a short visit to England for a charity dinner held by NRNs of England and in such short time the LFC fans had a memorable week with one of the young Nepalese Icon was seen at Anfield showing his support for the Reds. similarly futsal tournament was organized among LFC supporters of Nepal. More information about the tournament will be posted in next post.

The Reds family is certainly big and we feel proud of that :)

YNWA guys.

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